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“Shake Rattle ‘n’ Roll” we’re formed in 2006 and are based in Norfolk UK. The band lineup features Vocals , Harmonies , Guitar & Steel , Bass and Drums and the result is tight arrangements of 50s and early 60s music with a Rock & Roll attitude.

Entertainment is paramount and if you prefer to jive , stroll and smooch , or your thing is listening to the golden era great tunes , we recomend you see the band perform live on stage. Material by Elvis , Buddy , Ricky , Chuck and the Everly Bros are performed alongside more contemporary artistes with equal enthusiasm.

Festivals , Social Clubs and Theatres can all be catered for and the band provides suitable programs for all venues large and small.

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Here’s some live music clips , recorded at a recent gig , no overdubs , just taken from the mixer as is , mistakes and  all! ……after all it’s only Rock and Roll!
Gt Balls.mp3 Matchbox.mp3
Great Balls of Fire

All Shook Up
all shook up.mp3 runaway.mp3